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Classroom Contest

With the guidance of teachers, students in grades K-8 can take this opportunity to enter a class-made :30 PSA (a maximum :30 public service announcement) on one of the topics. Your audience is Michigan students in grades K-6.

Follow the Contest Rules and Guidelines then create your class-made PSA video. Then teachers can upload the video between February 3 through 28. PSA's will be online for the general public to vote beginning March 4; public voting ends March 29. You can vote more than once, but not more than once per video per 24 hours. 

February 3 - Video submission process opens
February 28 - Submission period ends
March 4 - Voting begins
March 29 - Voting ends
April/May, 2020 - Winners announced & notified

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Building Character


This video has students from all ages explaining character traits and what each means to them. This video uses passiton.org billboards and posters which are not copyrighted.

67 20

Be Yourself Part 2

Last year the same girls directed and acted in the Building Character first place winner. This year they are back and included a younger group of girls to encourage them to Be Yourself:)

190 126

Long Ways Away

This video is about overcoming things to reach goals and showing good character along the way.

155 63

Be Nice PSA

Public Service Announcement about being kind to others.

36 1

You Just Be You

Stand up for friends and help them to realize that they are awesome just the way they are!

39 1

Think About Others

stop motion lego (needs the end cut off but we didn't know how to do that)

67 4

Promoting Healthy Living

Save Our Water

Water PSA

37 18

Save our Earth

Water PSA

49 19

Healthy Eating Wins

group skit

15 1

Don't Smoke to Prevent Premature Birth

True story from a miracle baby with encouragement for young people to avoid smoking and for parents or other adults to quit smoking to prevent birth defects and premature birth.

83 73

Healthy Eating Knockout

student skit

52 4

Save Our Water

Water PSA

83 49

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity

47 14

Sweet Diversity

This video shows what can happen when we pass on our diversity to others and celebrate them.

291 156

Don't Judge a Book By its Cover

No matter what people look like, they should be treated equally like everyone else!

26 2


Three Fires Elementary has an amazing Peer to Peer program. The students work together everyday - even if it is only to get someone to smile. *Pass It On .org allows schools to use their billboards and posters. There is not a copy right law associated.

114 40

Welcome the World of Difference

What if everyone was the same? This video celebrates differences and asks the viewer to welcome them into their lives.

883 1482

Celebrating Racial Diversity

The sixth grade students at The Pathfinder School composed a song, including piano accompaniment and electronic backing track representing a celebration of racial diversity. The face painting film includes members of the class painting on the face of one class member representing the ways that we impact and support each other in celebration of our uniqueness.

142 51

About the Meijer Great Choices Contest

Help your classmates around the State of Michigan understand what it means to Build Character, Celebrate Diversity, or Promote Healthy Living.

This competition is designed for students from Michigan K-8th grade classrooms, with the top winning PSA's in each category receiving a classroom grant. Then in the fall of 2020 the winning videos will be available for all Michigan schools to stream from the Meijer Great Choices Film Festival website.

Learn More at meijergreatchoices.com