Terms & Conditions

Entry Requirements:

Instructions: RULES

The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival is open to all Michigan K-8 class rooms only. Video entries are to be submitted by the classroom teacher on behalf of the classroom students. Video submission begins February 2 and ends February 26. Please note that a classroom is eligible to win one classroom grant per category – Building Character, Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles. Winning videos will be selected by popular vote in first through fourth places in each category. A maximum of 9 classroom grants will be awarded. Voting begins March 2 and ends March 29, 2021. To receive the most votes - be sure to use social media and emails to promote your classroom videos!

Videos or animation can not be longer than 30 seconds.

The target audience for this competition is students in grades K-6. Please be sure that your video entry is age appropriate. Concentrate on making your message positive.

A title for each video is very important! Each entry must be labeled with a unique PSA name/title (please do not label the PSA simply as “Celebrating Diversity”, “Promoting Healthy Lifestyles”, or “Building Character”).

Classroom teachers and/or school administration are responsible for securing all necessary talent release forms from all individual(s) who appear in the video PSA. The talent release forms are to be held in the possession of the school district listed on the entry form. This includes any on-camera actors and/or voiceover announcers. The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival is not responsible for securing talent release forms.

No alcohol, drugs or tobacco are to be consumed during the making of the video PSA submitted to the Meijer Great Choices Film Festival. Use of alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco can be dramatized with a non-alcoholic beverage or fake props, but the container or prop cannot touch the lips of the actor. Nothing can be consumed. Videos that contain dangerous stunts, unsafe behavior, vomiting or toilet scenes will be disqualified. Concentrate on making your message a positive one.

All brand name labels or logos need to be removed or covered from the set, props and clothing.
You may not use any images with copyrights. This includes photographs or drawings from the internet or print materials such as magazines, newspapers, brochures; and footage from television, film, video games or internet.

No copyrighted music can be used in the production of video.

You may not use images of tombstones with legible names and dates on them.

All entries will be notified via email when accepted into the contest.


After you produce your public service announcement, download between February 2 through 26, 2021 and complete the talent release forms (if applicable) and keep those on file within your school district, fill out the online entry form and upload your video PSA to the Meijer Great Choices Film Festival website. You will be notified by email upon receipt of the video. Teachers will be notified by email if the video is disqualified.

Each downloaded entry will be reviewed by the Meijer Great Choices Film Festival staff/judges for appropriate content and for copyrighted material. Qualified entries will be uploaded to the website with voting to begin on March 2nd; public voting ends March 29th. The Meijer Great Choices Film Festival staff/judges reserve the right to move an entry to a more appropriate category.

You may submit more than one :30 public service announcement. Each entry must be submitted as a new video PSA with a separate online entry form. A classroom will be limited to one award winning classroom grant per category.

Beginning March 2nd, there is a limit of one vote per person per video per 24 hours.